MyoPro functional improvement for independence.

MyoPro is a custom fabricated arm brace which can support and move a paretic arm that may have resulted from spinal cord injury, brachial plexus injury, traumatic brain injury, stroke, and other neuromuscular conditions.

What is MyoPro?

The MyoPro myoelectric orthosis can offer individuals living with a paralyzed arm the opportunity to regain function, increasing safety and quality of life in the home.

MyoPro can help individuals with neuromuscular injuries regain movement and function in the affected arm, promoting user independence and well being.

MyoPro orthosis is a powered brace that enables patients to use an impaired hand and arm again. It is the only device that can help restore function in the paralysed or weakened arms and hands of most individuals that have suffered a stroke, spinal cord or nerve injury, or other neuromuscular disability. It works by reading the weak electromyographic (EMG) signals from the surface of the skin (no implants) then activating tiny motors to move the arm and hand as intended (no electrical stimulation). With MyoPro, a paralysed individual can perform activities of daily living including feeding themselves, carrying objects, and doing household tasks. Many are able to live independently again.

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