The new Rebotics company is founded by industry-renowned directors Stephen Ruffle, Richard Holland-Oakes and James Holland-Oakes, to bring a unique and innovative company to the current UK Rehabilitation, Care and Mobility industry.

The Rebotics team’s knowledge and experience focused exclusively on products with the Rehab without Wheels approach, including exoskeletal and neuro product advancements.

Rebotics Technology’s aim is to maximise understanding and to use expertise to promote these unknown yet highly beneficial products to the right audiences.

These less-known technological advancements have been vast, and the capability of these products are incredible. The innovative technologies facilities focused on developing advanced rehabilitation techniques with these products, which can significantly improve clients outcomes, privately and within NHS and professional clinics.

Today's technology improves the quality of life for so many. What will tomorrow's technology offer?

ReWalk 6.0 Exoskeleton

ReStore Soft ExoSuit

ExoAtlet II


Syrebo Robotic gloves

Exopulse Mollii Suit


  • “I’m absolutely loving it!! I’m so independent & I danced!! I danced with my partner for the very first time and stood up independently! I’ve been to appointments on my own that I normally can’t go to. I’ve walked hand in had with partner & my little ones. I’ve done the school run walking. This suit is LIFE CHANGING! I’ve cried so many happy tears. Thank you Rebotics Technology for bringing us this fantastic device and for your ongoing support xx”

    Riona K
  • “No words can describe how amazing it is to stand & walk again after sustaining a T3 complete spinal break, the ReWalk has taken me from being in a wheelchair at 4’2 and put me back to being 6’2. There’s a lot of talk about physical advantages of this great equipment which I am sure are brilliant but, for me it’s the psychological part, as I get the most amazing buzz every time I am up and walking, even if it’s just for an hour.”

    John A